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Wedding Party

What should I expect my bridesmaids to spend to be in my wedding party? Dress cost? What else?

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Q: What should I expect my bridesmaids to spend to be in my wedding party? Dress cost? What else?


So to say that a bridesmaid should expect to spend a certain dollar amount at a wedding, it’s an unfair expectation to set, right? It totally depends on you, on what type of day you want. And every couple is different. And some couples, they want to pay for everything for their bridal party, and other couples s expect their bridal parties to cover things, and there’s no wrong way to do it. I think the important thing is to outline what those expenses are and then be very upfront. When you ask someone to be a part of your bridal party and they say yes, let them know, here’s what I have planned, here’s what I expect the expenses will be. And then you don’t have unrealistic expectations going into it, right? Because a bridesmaid who may have never been a part of a wedding before, she might not have any idea that she’s got to buy shoes, she’s got to buy jewelry, she’s got to buy a dress. Maybe it has to be a certain dress. If you’re requiring a certain dress and you’re requiring certain jewelry and you’re acquiring certain shoes, you need to be upfront about that. So I think that whatever your expectations are, it’s just super important to be upfront with them and to have good planning yourself so that you don’t set anyone else up for failure and then you don’t have any hurt feelings down the road. So.

Do I really need ushers? Is it worth the extra hassle organizing? What do they do?

Q: Do I really need ushers? Is it worth the extra hassle organizing? What do they do?


All right, let’s talk wedding ushers. I’m a wedding officiant, so my role when I deal with wedding ushers is they usually help seat the guests when walking down the aisle, which is really nice. So some older folks, they expect that it’s nice to have them there to offer directions to where the restroom is, to help folks as needed. I would say limit the number of ushers that you have. One or two is plenty, especially if you’ve got, like, family members where you don’t really know what to do with them, but you need to give them a role. Being an usher is great. However, what I would say is let’s not put the rules down where they’re going to seat every single guest, they’re just going to give directions on, like here. The ceremony is this way. Please seat yourself except for the first row where immediate family is sitting, because when your ushers seat every single guest, it slows down folks getting to their seats and can back up your whole entire ceremony timeline, which happens all the time. So just adjust the way that your ushers are working for you. Think of them as your extended family or your friends who you didn’t really have a role for, but now you’ve put them in the role and you’re going to give them a job. And their job is to get to the ceremony site early to help seat guests and give them directions. So we’re only seating older folks who may need an extra arm. Give directions to the bathroom and give directions to the aisle way. Which seats are reserved, which ones aren’t. Give them a list of specific people that you want sat in the front row and say, oh, even a picture if you have one, so they know who those folks are. Oh, Aunt Martha. So glad you’re here. You’re seated in the front row. Let me show you where that is, that type of role. Otherwise, they’re just kind of giving general directions. Again, the ceremony is displayed. Please seat yourself.

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