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topics like this:

Are you fighting about money?

Groom’s not helping plan the wedding.

How to cut costs?

Why are weddings so f’ing expensive?

Here’s why some couples get better photos.

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pros anything.

You have questions.  They have answers.  We connect you.

We have planners, photographers, beauty artists, bands, DJs, jewelers, venue managers, rental & decor owners… even wedding stylists… ready to answer your question in an open and honest way.

From money to mother-in-laws, no topic of taboo.  

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Full access to verified professionals from every industry imaginable – get no-bulsh*t answers to your most burning, embarrassing questions (nothing is off limits).

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It’s like getting hundreds of new supportive friends, who just happen to be wedding professionals and engaged couples.

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I'm Robin

It all started with my mom, Sue Bradley.  My mother, an artist and lover of all things unique and beautiful, opened Riverbend Studio as a quaint boutique in 1970. 

This amazing woman taught me so many things… creativity, honesty, to follow my heart, and always believe in myself.

But when I lost her to cancer, it suddenly hit home how short and precious life is.

So I left my job in advertising, to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer.

I went on to re-invent her Riverbend Studio, and over the next 15 years, fulfilled my dream of becoming a wedding photographer.

Her sign still hangs in my studio today.

But, this dream career wasn’t perfect.

As time went on, something continued to bother me:

Why aren’t people more honest about what planning a wedding is actually like?

I saw couples setting expectations too high, after seeing only ‘perfect, dream weddings’ on social media…

I saw pros, just like me, put under extreme pressure to do the impossible: deliver on these fantasies…

So maybe it was my mom’s entrepreneurial spirit coming through, but I saw this was a huge problem, and wanted to create a solution.

And that was the start of The Uncorked Project.

My vision for a better wedding industry.

A video-platform for the modern world, where couples and wedding pros work together – sharing their knowledge and lessons, to help each other create amazing weddings, and cherished memories…

And it all starts with honesty. And a bit of wine… 😉

I think Mom would be proud.

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The Uncorked Project is a radically different wedding community. Within our membership, you can watch our full videos, submit questions to our wedding pros, dive into taboo and difficult topics, and share your personal experiences in our forums.

Full access to all our in-studio interviews with newlyweds and wedding pros. Q&A with wedding pros from around the country. Weekly newsletter to keep you informed of the hottest videos, questions and forum topics. Speaking of forums… this is your community to talk openly about your future MIL and ask our wedding pros your ‘real’ questions. From spray tans to family dramas. 

Finally, something in the wedding planning process that is cheap and easy. $9.99/mo. That’s it!

When you become an Uncorked Project member, you get exclusive access to our video library. This is where you can watch and learn from our couples and our wedding pros. Within each video, you can discuss the topics, share your thoughts, and discuss your personal experiences in the forums with other engaged couples. You will also have exclusive access to our forums to chat with verified pros and other couples. These groups cover a wide variety of topics from family & relationship drama to DIY Tips. Whether you want to share your planning experiences, wedding woes, or just get advice on your wedding outfits, our forums are the best place to connect with engaged couples and real wedding pros from all around the country.

When you sign up you have instant access to everything. Your credit card will be charged $9.99 on the 8th day and then each month. You can cancel at anytime.

This is the best part, because unlike most memberships, you won’t need us forever. You can count on us during your wedding planning process, but we won’t be upset if you cancel a day after the wedding. That is, unless you want to stay around and help others!

Log into your profile and cancel your membership. Your account will stay active until the next billing cycle.

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With the help of a little liquid courage, The Uncorked Project sets out to capture what no one else will tell you about planning a wedding. 

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Q: Is there really a wedding mark up?

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    Robin SloanVerifiedRobin Sloan

    I will kick things off here... I've been married for a long time, but you always remember your wedding day. The good memories stand the test of time and all the little issues tend to be forgotten over the years. Sorta.

    It's a funny thing how pivotal this time is for your relationships with family, future family (in laws!) and your "best" friends. It's been 25 years since my own wedding and I still remember the name of the guy that reached out the week of the wedding asking where his invitation was (um, he wasn't invited!). We scrambled, changed seating arrangements, hotel roommates... and.... HE DIDN'T SHOW!!!

    Does he remember this? No way. But I do. Because I was the bride and it was my wedding.

    So- to this question about having a Bridal Buffer... my bridal buffer was my mom. She was my rock. My favorite person. I asked her to handle the rest of our family on the wedding day so that I could be present. We have a small family but they were all from out of town, coming to the "big city" and had A LOT of questions. I am so thankful my wonderful mother stepped up and was my bridal buffer on my own wedding day.

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