The Uncorked Project is a wedding community of folks who keep it honest by sharing secrets and insights no one else will tell you.


Dress regret? Family drama? MONEY?! Yeah, we talk wedding-day taboos like nobody else.


Our wedding industry insiders dish out knowledge you’ll want to bathe in like a fine wine.

Real-Life Learnings

Get actual stories and details from those who’ve lived it. Brides, grooms, MOHs, and so on, tell all from the aisle to the after party.

Where it all began…

Robin Sloan is an expert on all things wedding with 15 years of experience as a nationally recognized wedding photographer and owner of Riverbend Studio. Over the years, she couldn’t help but notice that wedding insider experts and freshly married couples had too much good advice to stay quiet. Hence, The Uncorked Project was born —  a chance to drink wine and divulge helpful, hilarious knowledge for brides (and grooms) everywhere.


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