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Month: March 2024

01: Wedding Photography Secrets with Libby Dollar Photography

01: Wedding Photography Secrets with Libby Dollar Photography

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Join host Robin Sloan and guest photographer Libby Dollar to deep dive into insider secrets your wedding photographer won’t tell you (but we do🤫) Combined they have shot 900 weddings in over 27 states… and they are spilling their wedding photography secrets.

In this episode we share:

  • How you can look better in photos… instantly.
  • Do wedding photos really matter? Are they worth the investment?
  • What are the most important photos on a wedding day? (This one will surprise you!)
  • Avoid this common mistake: what REALLY happens when you over-schedule your photo wish list.
  • Why you might be disappointed with your wedding photos (and how to prepare for it).

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Unlocking Confidence:
A Step-by-Step Guide to Feeling Comfortable in Front of the Camera.

This Episode's Guest

Libby Dollar


Libby Dollar Photography


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Q: Is there really a wedding mark up?

Do you feel like the industry charges more “because it’s a wedding” and they know it’s an emotional purchase?

Do companies think that they can charge more for weddings since the bride and groom may be willing to spend more on their dream wedding?

Hey wedding pros – is this higher price tag justified? Why? Do you charge more for your service if it is a wedding?

This is a taboo topic, whispered but not discussed… until now.

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