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Do you have wedding nightmares? Tell us everything.

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Q: Do you have wedding nightmares? Tell us everything.


So my wedding nightmare is actually at my best friend’s wedding, and we both got married around 30 days away from each other, and she got married first. I got married a month later. And I just remember I was sitting there getting my hair done and staring at the maid of honor who still had hair, like, that was just blow dried. And we were, I think, like 2 hours behind when we were supposed to be because was at the time we didn’t know to ask about, how long does hair and makeup take? How many artists do you need for each version? There was like 15 of us getting hair and makeup done. There was no reasonable way that all of us were going to get done in time, but no one thought to ask that question. So I’m staring at the maid of honor, and I’m just like, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Because she’s the sister of the bride, right? And there was literally nothing we could do. So she went to the wedding with just a blowout because there literally wasn’t time to do her. And the other thing was that another reason why there wasn’t time to do her is because they saved the bride for last, which you never, ever do again. We didn’t know. So they did the bride last, and so we were already so far behind, they were trying to rush the bride’s hair and makeup to get her finished. They missed their first look. They missed their first look with their dad. And then, of course, the maid of honor doesn’t even have hair done for the wedding. And so there’s so many little things that can be avoided that cause so much stress. My friends ran into their wedding literally. They did, like, a high buy on the way in and then smooch, okay, let’s get married. And that was their first look. And they’re like, we got to go because we’re already super late. And it’s just not a feeling I want for anybody. And it was just a really heart wrenching thing to just watch them be so stressed out. And it’s stuff that’s totally avoidable with the proper planning.


What’s the most extravagant/coolest wedding you’ve ever worked?

Q: What’s the most extravagant/coolest wedding you’ve ever worked?


So if I asked you what kind of wedding would you throw? If you could throw any kind of wedding you could possibly imagine, what would you say? Well, we had a client that came to us and said joe, we could have 1000 people at our wedding and spend bookoo bucks or we could spend that same budget and only have 21 of the most special people in our lives. That’s exactly what they did. And this is why it was one of my most special weddings that I’ve ever been lucky enough have to produce. Cocktails started off in the living room of their really magnificent home. The bride wore this really spectacular black wedding gown just for the cocktail hour. And then she slipped into a ivory brocade couture wedding gown for the ceremony. Ceremony took place on the staircase of the grand ballroom of their home. Yes, grand ballroom of their home. We dressed that staircase with about 5000 orchids and about 7000 cabbage roses. That really captivated the whole area of the staircase and really made it very, very romantic. From there, the guests were taken to one long, dramatic table for dinner. The dinner was nine courses long and we were lucky enough to commission a wonderful musician in our area to create music for each of the nine courses that was serviced by 21 butlers that were servicing the 21 guests. So that was really magnificent. And it was just such an amazing experience for not only myself to be a part of it but definitely for the guests to be attending. Each of the guests were then, at the end of the evening, given a favor. But this favor was personally chosen by the bride and groom that then presented it to each of the guests as they were leaving the special evening just to let them know how important it was for them to be there. And obviously, they would always look at that very special gift and know that they were a part of a wonderful beginning of a wonderful marriage. So that was my favorite wedding. So interested to hear what yours might be?

What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened at a wedding?

Q: What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened at a wedding?


This is one of my favorite questions to get asked. Okay, beautiful couple, beautiful wedding day. Grand ballroom. Everything is going swimmingly. We’re doing ballroom shots with photography. The photography team tells my couple to back up a little more and get closer to their sweetheart table so they can take in all the glorious ambience. So they do. They back up closer and closer, and as they look lovely, I smell a horrifying smell. The back of her dress is on fire. Yes, it is. Whole train on fire. When they backed up, my couple, my couple backed up right into the candles in front of their sweetheart table that were not placed in the appropriately sized container. Votive. Candles and a long train are not friends. I had to stomp on her dress, jumping up and down, getting the flames out. I did damage control as much as possible. I had to stitch over her train in a small panel to make sure that the burnt portions were covered for the remainder of photography. And then while they finished photos, I went through every square inch of the remaining venue space to make sure that all of the other candles were not the same kind of misused height. If you think that’s nuts, it’s not the only time it’s happened. Different couple, different wedding. Still, beautiful day. A new photography team is taking a picture of the couple in front of a grand staircase by their steaming chart and their welcome area. Beautiful details. They go in for a dip. He holds her. He dips her, and she goes up like a lightning bug. When they dip her. Her train went into candles again, not in the correctly hided container this time. We just had to bustle her. There was nothing else I can do, nothing to stitch and cover. Candles need to be in the right sized home, well underneath the top rim. Otherwise you could do this, too. So craziest day is also lesson learned. Check your candles, check your heights. Maybe have a fire extinguisher around there.

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