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Q: Do you have wedding nightmares? Tell us everything.


So my wedding nightmare is actually at my best friend’s wedding, and we both got married around 30 days away from each other, and she got married first. I got married a month later. And I just remember I was sitting there getting my hair done and staring at the maid of honor who still had hair, like, that was just blow dried. And we were, I think, like 2 hours behind when we were supposed to be because was at the time we didn’t know to ask about, how long does hair and makeup take? How many artists do you need for each version? There was like 15 of us getting hair and makeup done. There was no reasonable way that all of us were going to get done in time, but no one thought to ask that question. So I’m staring at the maid of honor, and I’m just like, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Because she’s the sister of the bride, right? And there was literally nothing we could do. So she went to the wedding with just a blowout because there literally wasn’t time to do her. And the other thing was that another reason why there wasn’t time to do her is because they saved the bride for last, which you never, ever do again. We didn’t know. So they did the bride last, and so we were already so far behind, they were trying to rush the bride’s hair and makeup to get her finished. They missed their first look. They missed their first look with their dad. And then, of course, the maid of honor doesn’t even have hair done for the wedding. And so there’s so many little things that can be avoided that cause so much stress. My friends ran into their wedding literally. They did, like, a high buy on the way in and then smooch, okay, let’s get married. And that was their first look. And they’re like, we got to go because we’re already super late. And it’s just not a feeling I want for anybody. And it was just a really heart wrenching thing to just watch them be so stressed out. And it’s stuff that’s totally avoidable with the proper planning.

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Featured Question

Q: Is there really a wedding mark up?

Do you feel like the industry charges more “because it’s a wedding” and they know it’s an emotional purchase?

Do companies think that they can charge more for weddings since the bride and groom may be willing to spend more on their dream wedding?

Hey wedding pros – is this higher price tag justified? Why? Do you charge more for your service if it is a wedding?

This is a taboo topic, whispered but not discussed… until now.

Welcome to The Uncorked Project!

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    Robin Sloan, The Uncorked ProjectVerifiedRobin Sloan, The Uncorked Project

    I have been asked this so many times... does the wedding industry inflate prices when they hear it's a wedding?

    Here is my honest answer (as a former wedding photographer)... NO. Did I charge more for a wedding than a 50th birthday party or a family portrait session? Yes, absolutely. I charged A LOT more for a wedding.

    Was I taking advantage of the emotional sell? Absolutely not.

    The main reasons I charged more for a wedding were: the unseen amount of work involved in the 12+ months leading up to the wedding, the skill level needed on the day, the INTENSE pressure to create perfect "portfolio level work" no matter what the reality of the situation- but mostly it is to compensate for the time AFTER the wedding in post production.

    Little known fact about wedding photography - the real job is sitting at a computer editing photos. Photographers spend many hours behind the computer carefully selecting and editing photos. They make adjustments, crop, and adjust colors to ensure each image it's best. Don't forget the time it takes for batching, renaming, importing, exporting and uploading the photos and preparing them for delivery.

    Do you think this justifies why photographers charge more for weddings than for other types of shoots?

    AvatarCody Pettengill

    Couldn’t agree more! And on the videography side its an absolute ton of data + editing discipline.

    Its a double sided coin- weddings are extremely high pressure but also high reward when we nail it.

    Our products (photo video) in particular are the only thing that genuinely will last forever . Having fun and ALSO nailing the product is worth the price of entry and frankly more.

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