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Why don’t vendors put pricing on their websites?

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Q: Why Don't vendors put pricing on their websites?


Pricing is a very personal thing.

Are you tired of going on vendors, websites loving their work but you don’t see your price? Well, let me tell you why no one person, no wedding day. Nothing is the same.

I can speak from my experience as a wedding planner. The services that I offer are not often understood.

Personally speaking, I don’t include pricing on my site and ads because I find couples get lost in the number instead of the relationship that we build and the overall experience of planning that significantly led to a wildly successful wedding day or weekend.

Now, as a planner, I completely understand why some don’t. But frankly, being a bride myself and having to figure out my budget and pay for my wedding on my own, I was extremely frustrated.

There are generally three options for them. One is no pricing at all. Two is a starting point and then three is their full pricing offerings.

Do I need to feed vendors?

Q: Do I need to feed Wedding Vendors? When? Where do they sit? What is the Cost?


I have been personally victimized by this topic. So let’s talk about it.

This is a great question. As a planner I get asked this a lot from our clients, and I think it’s just a question that’s very common because we just don’t know what is edicate and how we should handle this. Always provide a nice guest meal for each vendor that is working the duration of your event.

Yes, you should definitely feed your vendors that are with you for more than 4 hours.

1,000%. Yes. Please feed your vendors at your wedding.

Yes. You need to feed your vendors. You can’t have vendors working 12 plus hour days and not be getting fed.

In order for your vendor team to do their best work for you. We need to fuel in the tank.

The easiest way to tackle this is a transparent conversation with your vendor team because the answer is going to lie with them.

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Here are some tips and tricks to film a great video that stops the scroll:


Start with a hook.

You’ve got 3-5 seconds to stop the viewer’s scroll. Be creative… start with a phrase like:

  • Oh hell no, just no…
  • Absolutely not…
  • Yes, yes, yes! You should do this…
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We’ll put your name and bio in the title and links, so you can say something more general like:

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Examples of what we are looking for:

check out how Sal nailed it in this video and so did Megan in this one and Nichole told it straight (from her car).

Tips for filming

Filming vertically on your phone.

TikTok is vertical for good reason - Gen Z have spoken!

Good audio is more important than good video.

Find a quiet room (that isn’t an echoey bathroom!).

Make sure your face is bright enough.

Standing near a large window or lamp is helpful - You want to be brighter than your background.

Nothing works better than a good story.

If you have any experiences you can share to help answer the question, go for it!

the energy!

Down an espresso, pump yourself up, and let the answers pour out! Our couples want as much honesty as they can get.

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Q: Is there really a wedding mark up?

Do you feel like the industry charges more “because it’s a wedding” and they know it’s an emotional purchase?

Do companies think that they can charge more for weddings since the bride and groom may be willing to spend more on their dream wedding?

Hey wedding pros – is this higher price tag justified? Why? Do you charge more for your service if it is a wedding?

This is a taboo topic, whispered but not discussed… until now.

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