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Planning a wedding is hard

With a little help of liquid courage, wedding pros and newlyweds share what no one else will tell you about planning a wedding .

With a little help of liquid courage, wedding pros and newlyweds share what no one else will tell you about planning a wedding .


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Get open and honest answers from wedding industry pros and newlyweds ready to spill their secrets. We connect wedding pros, newlyweds, and engaged couples to laugh, share, learn, and discuss everything that happens when you plan a wedding.

We are shaking up
the wedding industry

We are shaking up the wedding industry

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We are a place to share wedding planning knowledge.

It’s simple. Members submit questions and we find wedding pros and newlyweds to answer them in an open and honest way. Our goal is to make sure that any couple can find information about anything … from creating timelines and budgets to navigating family dynamics and how to politely un-invite all the coworkers who think they are getting an invite (but aren’t).

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You’re not alonE

Comparing yourself to social media and wedding RomComs takes all the fun out of planning a wedding.  This can be a strange time in life. Do you wake up at 3am worrying about your family dynamics, how you will look in your wedding photos,  why you are fighting with your partner, your endless wedding to-do list, or how you’ll pay for all of it?

Deal with wedding drama

No fluff here. Our experts are off the clock, opinionated and tell it like it is.
They don’t always agree. We think that is a good thing. A photographer may have a very different answer than a wedding planner.

We believe there is more than one way to plan a wedding. Wedding pros from different markets, price points and professions answer the same question to offer insights into finding what is right for you…  instead of trying to fit into the “wedding template”.

wedding Experts spill secrets



Free 7 Day Trial

Full Access

Try for 7 days, risk free!

only $9.99 month

We dive deeper into the hottest topics.

Hear from those who’ve done it.

Our wedding experts like Anthony Navarro and Jeff Miller from Liven It Up Events share their hard-earned knowledge over a glass of wine.

In our Should Couples series, we discuss topics like having a first look, inviting kids, create a seating chart, take table shots, introduce the full wedding party, tip their vendors, hire a wedding planner and having an outdoor wedding (this one might surprise you).

should couples?

Robin digs deep asking engaged couples and newlyweds to share their wedding planning challenges, experiences and advice.

Bridesmaid drama, wedding diets, divorced parents, feeling unsupported, saying f*ck it and eloping… our couples share their stories.

Real wedding stories


Our inbox overflowed with real wedding confessions every day. Hundreds of newlywed couples applied to be guests on our show.  Our social media community chatted with us and each other in comments and DMs. Questions from couples arrived in our inbox daily. Wedding pros reached out asking to a be a part of a new kind of wedding community.

We gained 12,000+ followers in six months.

This is why we have created a private membership for you.

Join us.  We are just getting started.

Hear from real couples

Hello, I’m Robin Sloan. Trust me, I never planned on being in front of the camera.

But after 15 years as a wedding photographer (@Riverbend Studio), I noticed a problem in the wedding world. Everything fell into two categories: planning the perfect wedding or showing the perfect wedding.

It killed me to see the disconnect between what the wedding industry shows and what real couples experience while planning.

I wanted to start a new kind of wedding community to let couples know they are not alone. It’s normal to have doubts, confusion, family drama, money issues and expectations about looking or feeling a certain way.

I had an idea…

What if I asked the wedding industry’s top pros and freshly married couples to come into my studio, open up and share their doubts, concerns, wedding stories, drink wine and divulge helpful, hilarious knowledge for brides (and grooms) everywhere.

Hence, The Uncorked Project was born — we are shaking up the traditional wedding industry and building a radically different kind of community for real couples planning their weddings.

A look Behind the scenes


The Uncorked Project is a radically different kind of wedding community. Within the membership, you can watch our videos, dive into taboo and difficult topics, and share your personal experiences in our Real Wedding Discussion Groups.

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When you become an Uncorked Project member, you will get exclusive access to our video library where you can watch and learn from our couples and our experts. Within each video, you can discuss the topics, share your thoughts, and tell your personal experiences in the comments with other engaged couples. You will also have exclusive access to our Real Wedding Discussion Groups. These groups cover a wide variety of topics from family & relationship drama to DIY Tips. Whether you want to share your planning experiences, your wedding woes, or just get advice on your wedding outfits, our Real Wedding Discussions is the best place to connect with engaged couples just like you!

We currently are offering a free trial until January 31, 2023 with no credit card required. Starting February 2023 we are offering the following plans:
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Planning a wedding is hard. Sometimes you just need to bitch about your future mother-in-law or your own mother…we are here for you. Submit your anonymous confession in our discussions – it feels so good to get it off your chest. We publish the most common themes so all couples can see that they are not alone. If you want to keep it anonymous just keep all names and specific locations/dates off.

Some of our wedding pros may provide feedback or advice to select members questions through our Real Wedding Discussions or in the comments of the videos. We may also partner with wedding pros from time to time to host special live Q&A sessions with opportunities for member participation. 

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The Uncorked Project is all about community. We encourage online, offline, and even IRL connections, so the more information you put on your profile, the more other members can get to know you. Never share any personal details on your profile or in our discussions that you don’t want others to see.

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We want to dive deep into topics that YOU want to talk about and interview guests that you think would be a great in our videos. Submit your recommendations here.

Absolutely! We love to make friends and partner to create great content.  Reach out to robin@uncorkedproject.com and maryellen@uncorkedproject.com for more info.

We are a small but mighty team based in Chicago. Robin is the Founder & Host, Jessica (you see her pretty smile behind the cameras) runs the video production & photography, Mary Ellen heads up everything on social media (if you DM us, you are talking to Mary Ellen!) and our amazing video editors are Kyle, Tricia and Lizzie.  Find our more about us here.

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Featured Question

Q: Is there really a wedding mark up?

Do you feel like the industry charges more “because it’s a wedding” and they know it’s an emotional purchase?

Do companies think that they can charge more for weddings since the bride and groom may be willing to spend more on their dream wedding?

Hey wedding pros – is this higher price tag justified? Why? Do you charge more for your service if it is a wedding?

This is a taboo topic, whispered but not discussed… until now.

Welcome to The Uncorked Project!

Join the conversation!


    Robin Sloan, The Uncorked ProjectVerifiedRobin Sloan, The Uncorked Project

    I have been asked this so many times... does the wedding industry inflate prices when they hear it's a wedding?

    Here is my honest answer (as a former wedding photographer)... NO. Did I charge more for a wedding than a 50th birthday party or a family portrait session? Yes, absolutely. I charged A LOT more for a wedding.

    Was I taking advantage of the emotional sell? Absolutely not.

    The main reasons I charged more for a wedding were: the unseen amount of work involved in the 12+ months leading up to the wedding, the skill level needed on the day, the INTENSE pressure to create perfect "portfolio level work" no matter what the reality of the situation- but mostly it is to compensate for the time AFTER the wedding in post production.

    Little known fact about wedding photography - the real job is sitting at a computer editing photos. Photographers spend many hours behind the computer carefully selecting and editing photos. They make adjustments, crop, and adjust colors to ensure each image it's best. Don't forget the time it takes for batching, renaming, importing, exporting and uploading the photos and preparing them for delivery.

    Do you think this justifies why photographers charge more for weddings than for other types of shoots?

    AvatarCody Pettengill

    Couldn’t agree more! And on the videography side its an absolute ton of data + editing discipline.

    Its a double sided coin- weddings are extremely high pressure but also high reward when we nail it.

    Our products (photo video) in particular are the only thing that genuinely will last forever . Having fun and ALSO nailing the product is worth the price of entry and frankly more.

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